Housekeeping Tips for Busy Family Caregivers

Keeping your house clean and sanitized can often come as a challenge for busy households. This can add even more of a strain when you’re a primary caregiver of an elderly loved one or a family member with a disability. However, housekeeping chores should not be overlooked as this can also be a welcome factor for infection, inviting more complications for your household when unattended. 

While we are a provider of light housekeeping, here are some helpful tips to keep your household clean and sanitized: 

1. Make a schedule for your cleaning. 

It also saves time if you spend a particular time each day in an area at home. For instance, you work in the kitchen on Monday nights, the bathroom the next evening, and so on. Rather than doing everything on a single Saturday, with this discipline, you will have the weekend all to yourself and your loved ones. 

2. Store your cleaning equipment close to the locations where these are used. 

You will, in fact, save more time when you clean the bathroom and just pick the cleaners right there rather than going to another storage area and returning them back. When your cleaning devices are also very accessible, you can also efficiently spot clean when necessary. 

3. Clean it only when it looks dirty. 

This principle helps you not only to save time but also in identifying specific areas to work on. With this, you can also put yourself to a little exposure to dirt that can help awaken your immune system to work for you. You may not have cleaned everything, but you’ve addressed the urgent ones. 

4. Dispose of unusable items immediately. 

This is a common scenario at home when we find a bit of sentimental attachment to some of the things at home. But it helps to maintain the mindset that when it’s no longer useable, keep them out so you can have more space for safety. You can also get help from our friends who provide Companionship in Oregon. 

5. Make it a habit to dispose of old food each night. 

This doesn’t take much of your time when you have made this a regular practice. While you wouldn’t want to waste your purchases, sometimes it happens when you’re very busy. And you wouldn’t want to get frustrated when you open the fridge and get something in a hurry only to find it’s already expired. Make sure that unusable ones are already disposed of in the evening. 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed or even like you need a break from your cleaning duties, contact us. We’re your resource.


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