Why Work Here

10 Reasons to Choose Family Resource.

Family Resource Home Care isn’t just a place to work. We are a family that cares for our caregivers as much as those in the communities that we serve. Oftentimes, our caregivers say that our office staff “gets it”.

Many of our office staff were caregivers themselves and they know the challenges. These are just a few reasons why caregivers say they choose us and love working for Family Resource.

1. We operate with care and compassion.

Our caregivers are human beings first and foremost. We are understanding of life’s complexities and nuances.

2. We support caregiver independence through flexible scheduling.

Schedules are customizable and can be updated at any time to fit caregiver needs and better equalize your work-life balance. You pick your shifts!

3. We have supportive office staff who have the best interest of our caregivers in mind. Our supervisors are available 24/7 to answer questions or concerns.

We are always happy to take your calls, help with schedule changes, give advice about clients, or thoughts you would like to share.

4. We offer benefits to improve the well-being of our staff.

Some of our benefits include medical, dental, vision, an employee assistance program, and more. Find out more here.

5. We run our operations “by the book” with the highest commitment to quality and regulations.

Caregivers comment on the fact that we adhere to compliance and regulations and monitor quality, unlike some other agencies they’ve experienced. We have a full-time quality department and we’ve consistently passed our state surveys with no deficiencies.

6. We give you the chance to provide one-on-one care.

Many employees come to us after working in facilities or hospitals where the quality time with each client or patient is limited. Our caregivers share that they love the close relationships and time they spend with each client, instead of running around. Check out some of these stories here.

7. We offer stability, career advancement opportunities for promotions and the ability to transfer to different locations.

Because of the size of our company, we are a stable organization that’s well-known and well-respected in our communities. Many of our employees started as caregivers and moved into roles such as caregiver manager or client care manager. And, with over 20 locations in the Northwest, if you move you might just be able to transfer to one of our other offices! Here are all our locations!

8. We have great technology.

We use software that is available as mobile apps on your phone to manage your benefits, time card, and complete your daily work. Our online training is also flexible and easy to do from anywhere. We communicate with caregivers in a variety of ways – email, text and app messages.

9. We have bonus programs and perks, like gift cards and office recognition.

Our buddy bonus program allows employees to earn up to $350 when they refer people to work for us!

10. We make a difference in our communities and treat all employees like members of our own family.

Our Mission is to support families, our community, and each other by providing home care services that increase the quality of life for our clients. Yes, you’ll make an income, but you’ll really make a difference.