All About Our Caregivers

As the foremost provider of exceptional in-home care provider services, we are the choice of professional in-home caregivers whose calling is to provide compassionate care. Our caregivers come from a variety of different backgrounds, age groups and educational experiences. The one thing they share is a commitment to our company’s Purpose: Improve More Lives. Click on the video to the right to meet a few of them!

We Employ a Large and Diverse Group of In-home Caregivers

Some work just a few hours a month, and others work full-time. Some make caregiving their long-term career and others work with us for a year or two as they are in college or preparing for a different career. Caregivers come to us with both experience and with no experience – and we provide training for either scenario (read more about training here. Family Resource Home Care genuinely cares about our home care providers who help people live well where they feel most comfortable.

Casandra Chavez Platinum Caregiver April 2021
Casandra Chavez
Cassie was working in fast food when she was told about an opportunity to take a sponsored CNA licensing program. She took the course, got her caregiving license, “felt a connection right away”, and hasn’t looked back. “Being able to do so much for others”, all the love you get in return and seeing people smile after helping them do simple things like putting on their shoes are just a few of the reasons why Cassie is enamored with caregiving. The first two years of her career were spent in a facility caring for about 40 people at a time. A colleague at the facility told her about in-home care and the intimacy of the one-on-one client experience, which intrigued Cassie and she decided to apply at Family Resource. She felt at home and like Family Resource was an “amazing place to be”, especially compared to the cold, corporate, and impersonal nature of the facility. Click below to read the rest of Cassie’s story.
Alex Nelson
Alex Nelson considers himself a jack of all trades. In late 2017, he started school for nursing and during that time also got his CNA license in order to gain hands-on experience taking care of people in need by working in home care. Alex found a job at Family Resource through an online ad. Alex came to appreciate the flexibility in scheduling that Family Resource offered. Instead of continuing to pursue a career in nursing, the independence his schedule offered allowed him to return to construction, an industry he worked in for 10 years right out of high school. Alex is currently doing both construction and caregiving. Click below to read the rest of Alex’s story.
Alex Nelson
Platinum Caregiver Profile Lemlem Gebremeskel
Lemlem Gebremeskel
Lemlem came to the United States in 2005 after winning the Green Card Lottery. She soon ended up in Seattle where she started looking for jobs. She knew caregiving was right up her alley and went to school for her CNA. Lemlem was inspired to become a caregiver simply because it’s in her nature. She comes from Ethiopia where, “in my culture,” she says, “We take care of each other. We take care of the elderly. There are no nursing homes.” Lemlem has been with FRHC since 2008. “I love working with Family Resource,” she says. Click below to read the rest of Lemlem’s story.
Beverly Rairdan
Bev’s role as a caregiver began with private care when a neighborhood family approached her with interest in her services. Living in a small town helped propel her career with families passing on her services through word of mouth. When her last client moved to assisted living, she relocated to Spokane. Soon after, her daughter started working for Family Resource Home Care. Beverly followed along and joined the FRHC team. “I love meeting people, and working with them,” Beverly said. “I love hearing their stories. I love making people feel comfortable. I am old and they’re old, so I know what makes them comfortable.” Click below to read the rest of Bev’s story.
Platinum Caregiver Josefina Kastner
Josefina Kastner
Josie grew up in the Philippines where she met her husband, an American serving in the Navy. In 2001 they moved to Washington state. She learned about caregiving from friends and took a three-month course, earned her CNA license, and then accepted a job at an assisted living facility. “I was happy there for a long time,” said Josie, “but I always felt rushed and I could not spend as much time as I wanted with each of my patients.” Josie noticed that several of the caregivers she saw each day were private caregivers who did not work for the assisted living facility. She realized that they each cared for just one client. “That’s when I decided to look for a job where I could work as a private caregiver. I had heard about Family Resource and I knew they had a good reputation.” Click below to read the rest of Josie’s story.
Lawrence Thuku
In 2016, Lawrence Thuku, a journalist, news editor, and radio host flew from Nairobi, Kenya to Seattle for a speaking engagement. In Kenya, he was successful and well known, winning Radio Presenter of the Year in 2011. But, while in Seattle, he was alerted by his family and colleagues that journalists were being targeted; that threats on his life had been made, and that it was not safe for him to return home. He applied to the U.S. for asylum and set about building a new life for himself. His cousin lived in Seattle and worked as a caregiver. She suggested he consider this line of work and he decided to give it a try. Lawrence found and was hired by Family Resource Home Care. “I believe I have adjusted well; I’ve always been willing to take on new challenges. Now my work involves being important in one person’s life.” Click below to read the rest of Lawrence’s story.
Lawrence (on the right) with his client, Gary