Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2024-03-07T11:53:39-08:00

About Family Resource and Our Employment Opportunities

Do I need a driver’s license?2021-11-16T08:38:44-08:00

No. You need a valid form of identification, but you don’t need to be a licensed driver. Many of our caregivers use public transportation to get to their shifts.

Do I need a car?2021-11-16T08:40:25-08:00

No. If you do, that’s great because many of our clients need transportation from their caregivers. Some caregivers with a valid driver’s license will have permission to drive a client’s car, should they need urgent services, errands, prescription pickups, etc.

What if I don’t feel like my client is a good match for me?2021-11-16T08:41:44-08:00

Our supervisors are always available should you need to connect about anything. If you feel that a client isn’t a good match, we will work to find a better match.

How many hours do I have to work per week?2021-11-16T08:43:03-08:00

As many or as little as you want! Our flexibility allows you to make your own schedule and you determine how many hours is right for you. There are, however, are a certain number of minimum hours you must work to receive certain benefits, but your employment with Family Resource requires no minimum of hours to be worked.

Do I need to have a degree or certification?2021-11-16T08:45:03-08:00

You do not need a degree, but there are some certification requirements that vary from state to state. Check in with the location nearest you and our supervisors can tell you more about your state’s certification requirements.

Why would I want to work in Home Care?2021-11-16T08:46:03-08:00

Caregiving can be the ideal career for students, parents, or anyone with a busy schedule. It is rewarding and perfect for those who enjoy making a difference in another person’s life. Family Resource offers flexible scheduling and takes the time and care to ensure a consistent work/life balance based on your individual schedule.

What is the culture like at Family Resource Home Care?2021-11-16T08:47:08-08:00

We believe caregivers are the most important part of what we do. We treat our caregivers as part of our family, and we respond quickly to their needs. Our supervisors are always available to respond to any feedback or questions you may have.

What opportunities will I have to advance my career?2021-11-16T08:49:49-08:00

Many of our office staff started as caregivers before transitioning into supervisor roles. And, home care is the perfect stepping stone for career advancement in medical fields, especially nursing. Gaining hands-on experience caring for people with chronic illness, allows you to practice assessment skills, manage care plans, and note acute changes.

What are the rewards of working at Family Resource?2021-11-16T08:51:36-08:00

Family Resource offers new caregivers the option of enrolling in paid HCA certification training to the right candidates, in addition, we provide competitive wages, benefits, and 401(k) packages to all of our eligible caregivers.

Who succeeds at Family Resource?2021-11-16T08:52:43-08:00

At Family Resource, and indeed any caregiving position, those who succeed are those with genuine compassion and the internal drive to care for others in need.

As an FRHC caregiver, can I choose my own schedule?2021-11-16T08:53:34-08:00

Yes! The schedule we provide for you is based on your preferences. We work hard to provide you with the schedule that best fits your lifestyle. Our supervisors are always available and are happy to chat with you about any scheduling needs or changes.

How are FRHC caregivers matched with their clients?2021-11-16T08:54:51-08:00

The human element is the most important aspect of the services we provide. We want both our caregivers and clients to feel comfortable and happy. As such, we work hard to create the ideal match where our caregivers’ skills match our clients’ needs. We consider factors such as personality, skill strength, and locality (distance between the client’s and caregiver’s homes) to determine the best match for our caregivers.

How long do FRHC caregivers stay with their clients?2021-11-16T08:55:47-08:00

Some FRHC caregivers have been with their clients upwards of 10, and even 20, years! It really depends on the connection you’ve made with your client and how long you’d like to stay with them.

What is a caregiver?2021-11-16T08:56:59-08:00

Essentially, a caregiver is someone who provides care to a person in need of assistance. To learn more in detail about caregivers and caregiving jobs, we encourage you to read our page titled What is a Caregiver?

Where is FRHC hiring caregivers?2021-11-16T11:09:40-08:00

Family Resource is always hiring new caregivers at all of our 20 locations. The size of our growing company conveniently offers stability, that few other agencies can match, with locations throughout the Northwest.

What types of senior care jobs are available?2021-11-16T08:59:05-08:00

What you’ll be doing with Family Resource depends on the needs of our clients. The services that we offer clients generally fall under the services listed on this page and include: errands and transportation, personal care, companionship, light housekeeping, Alzheimer’s and dementia care, transitional care, respite care, and others.

Do I need special certification, training, or experience to apply for caregiving jobs?2021-11-16T08:59:46-08:00

You don’t need any special certification, training, or experience to apply. Family Resource provides HCA (Home Care Aide) certification training to eligible applicants, and provides on-the-job training as well as continuing education resources. We encourage anyone interested in home care to apply and learn what options are available for training and education.

How much do caregivers make per hour?2021-11-16T09:00:40-08:00

Caregiver pay rates can vary depending on a number of factors, primarily the region where you live and the complexity of care for the client. Our recruiters and local supervisors can provide more information about the availability and pay rates in your region.