The annual Caring Stars award helps seniors and their families find the best senior living communities, nursing homes, and senior care agencies in the United States. The program also helps winning businesses be recognized for service excellence, generate positive buzz, stand out from their competitors, and boost sales, marketing, PR, recruiting and more!

Caring Stars started in 2012 as the first “best senior living” award in our industry, with winners determined based on consumer ratings and reviews. In 2017, Caring expanded the program to include senior care agencies, including non-medical home care, home healthcare, and hospice providers with business profiles on

There is no award application process or fee to participate; communities and agencies aren’t required to be partnered with Caring to win; and featured winners do not have to pay Caring to license the award badge (Caring instead provides free promotional items for all winners).

Caring Stars Criteria & Methodology

To be considered for the Caring Stars 2023 award, the winning senior living communities and nursing homes with resident capacity of 21 or greater — as well as senior care agencies of any size — had:

  • 15 or more published consumer reviews on their profile (“listing”) by 10/15/22
  • An overall average rating of 4.5 stars or higher by 10/15/22
  • 4 or more published consumer reviews from 10/15/21 through 10/15/22, with at least one 5-star review published on the listing with a 2022 date
  • Public-facing business responses to any 1-star or 2-star negative consumer reviews across all time

Residential care homes or smaller senior living communities with resident capacity of 20 or less had to have an overall average rating of 4.5 stars or higher by 10/15/22, a public-facing business response on any 1-star and 2-star reviews, and at least one 5-star review published on the listing with a 2022 date by 10/15/22. These smaller care homes and communities also had to have a total of at 5 reviews on their listing by 10/15/22 and at least 2 published reviews with dates between 10/15/21 to 10/15/22.

After identifying all senior living community and senior care agency profiles on meeting the above criteria, Caring then conducted a reviews-integrity audit for every review on those finalists’ profiles, re-analyzing the consumer reviews against Caring’s high-integrity review guidelines. Another quality-assurance measure Caring took was to screen finalist senior living communities using available licensing information on state/government websites, for care levels and states where licensing is required. The audit and screening of finalists took place in October-December 2022, with the 2023 senior living list final in November 2022 and the senior care list final in December 2022.

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