​Recently, the Home Care Association of America Board of Directors voted in Jeff Wiberg, CEO of Family Resource Home Care, as the new President of the HCAOA Board in 2023. An ardent supporter and long-time member of the organization, Wiberg also recently received the HCAOA Sheila McMackin Leadership Award for 2022.

“Jeff Wiberg represents the ‘best of the best’ in our industry and we look forward to his term as President of HCAOA,” said HCAOA CEO Vicki Hoak. “Jeff has a proven track record of success as a home care provider and recognizes the value of our association, which he has been promoting for nearly a decade. His role as Education Chair and his deep commitment to advocacy, at both the state and federal levels will serve him well as he leads HCAOA in the coming year.”

​​​HCAOA asked Jeff Wiberg a few questions about his background, engagement with HCAOA, the Leadership Award, and what he looks forward to in 2023.

HCAOA: What brought you to the home care industry and why are you passionate about it?

Wiberg: I came to the industry through sheer luck. I was recruited by a small home care agency in Spokane, Washington. At the time, I was working as the head of HR for a hospital system in Central Washington and the prospect of joining a small agency to be their first HR leader was exhilarating, but then I caught the vision and impact of home care. I have been in love ever since. That was 15 years ago. The company looks a bit different today than it was then, but the passion that I feel about the good we do has never waned.

HCAOA: You have been very involved with the Home Care Association of America and the Education Committee. Why is involvement important to you? How has this benefited you and your business?

I have always felt that one should be involved to advocate for the industry we benefit so much from, but especially when the cause is so good! So many people just don’t know about what home care is and so we need to proselytize about the industry everywhere. For me, that meant getting involved with the Home Care Association of America.

Being a part of the HCAOA Education Committee made perfect sense to me as I saw that there was a great need to spread best practices throughout the industry and help members raise each other up. It has been a joy for me to participate in nearly a dozen conferences and dozens more webinars designed to bring critical information and education on best practices—helping agencies overcome their challenges and informing our members on our advocacy work. It has really put me in a front row seat to some of the best minds and practices in the industry.

​Therefore, I believe I have received my return on that investment a hundred-fold! Without a doubt, I have gained so much more from involvement with the association than the association has received from me.

This year you were awarded HCAOA’s Sheila McMackin Leadership Award for your leadership, dedication, and work of on behalf of HCAOA members and the home care industry. What has this meant to you?

Honestly, I admit that I suffer from some imposter syndrome on this front. I am deeply honored to be sure, but again I say that I have gained so much more than I feel I have given. That being said, when I look at the men and women that have made their mark, it feels like something for me to live up to by giving back as much as I can.

​Although a complete surprise, I was moved by that award so very much. I have never displayed any such accolade in my office as I prefer to honor others, but I admit that this award now is on my wall to remind me of what it means to me to be a leader and to give back!

​In 2023, you will step up into greater leadership within HCAOA as President of the Board of Directors. What opportunities do you foresee for HCAOA and the home care industry in 2023?

As we chose our theme for last year’s conference, I believe that now is the time to go bold. Our industry has received unprecedented recognition and promotion in the last couple of years and there has never been a better time to combine our collective voices, efforts, and resources to advance the goals of our association and the industry! I wish to see that message be taken up by more individuals who can help carry the Home Care Association of America into its next chapter.

I think our advocacy work is only going to become more important. With the excellent professional team and a board who is engaged, I know we will accomplish great things to advance our strategic objectives in 2023 and beyond!