caregiverThe answer seems obvious. Whether we are caring for an elderly adult with dementia, a thirty-year-old living with a chronic disease, or a child impacted by autism, our clients are the ones for whom we provide the “home care” that is the basis of our business. But are these our only clients? What exactly is a “client?”

A client is someone who uses the professional advice or services of a business. A client can also be a person who receives the benefits and services of an agency. When we care for someone, we provide a benefit that impacts others far beyond the client, including their family. In fact, it is often a family member who first reaches out to Family Resource. It is because of the assistance we provide to our direct client that their son, daughter, spouse, grandkids, nephew, etc. can go to work and care for themselves and their own families, secure in the knowledge that their loved one is being well-served. Families then, also benefit from the time, caring, attention, and superior service our caregivers provide.

In addition to our direct clients and their families, there are yet more groups who make up the broader definition of the Family Resource “client.” Sometimes clients have no family nearby. Often, in these cases, we find that there is a guardian involved and/or friends, neighbors, or fellow club or church members step in to help. When this happens, the guardian, friends, and neighbors become, by extension, our clients as well.

Another significant segment of the group that contributes to our broad definition of “client” are the professionals, including doctors, visiting nurses, social workers, lawyers, long-term care and hospital staff who learn about the quality care Family Resource Home Care provides, and then become more likely to refer new clients to us for service.

Think of Family Resource Home Care as the center of a wheel. What part of the wheel are caregivers? They are the energy, the skill, the smiling face, the kind voice, compassion and dependability that keeps the wheel turning. And as it turns, the caregiver touches not only direct clients, but also other family members who live in the home; who stop in to chat; who speak to the caregiver on the phone, and who count on their loved one’s caregiver to provide the very best care possible. The caregiver’s presence also touches the client’s friends and neighbors who see how well our client is cared for and with what kindness they are treated as they and their caregiver pick flowers together in the front yard, go on a walk, or go shopping or to the hairdresser. And, as the wheel completes its turn, the hundreds of professionals who are also connected to our clients are impressed by what they see and hear about Family Resource. When our caregivers do a great job with a client, these professionals will often refer their next patient to us. In the end, we all work together toward the same goal ― providing the best care possible for our clients, and demonstrating to them and others the kindness and commitment needed for them to be comfortable referring loved ones, friends, colleagues, clients, and patients to Family Resource Home Care.

Thank you for keeping the home care wheel turning.