If you’re considering a career as a professional caregiver, it will be helpful for you to see what a day in the life of a Family Resource Home Care Caregiver is like.

If you’ve visited the Benefits page of our website, you may have noticed that we offer our caregivers a flexible schedule. Available shifts range from hourly, shorter shifts, longer shifts, full-day shifts, full-night shifts, and live-in care.

This article will look at what a day consists of for a caregiver working an all-day shift.

A Day in the Life of a Family Resource Home Care Caregiver

An Early Start

Caregivers often start their day early; their clients may need help getting out of bed because of arthritis or another condition. Bathing and dressing often come next, which helps the client look and feel as good as possible during the day.

Breakfast Preparation

Depending upon the client, a caregiver may prepare breakfast or assist the client in doing so. This is often an excellent time to chat with the client. If they don’t have friends or family living nearby, they often appreciate talking with someone regularly (companion care).

Light Housekeeping

After breakfast, the caregiver might vacuum the living room, make the bed, or wash the dishes. Seniors or people with disabilities often can’t perform some basic tasks to keep their living environment safe and clean.


Preparing lunch for the client is next up. Caregivers are sometimes the only provider of healthy, nutritious meals as clients may not be able to prepare lunch on their own. Eating a healthy meal is extremely important for the client to maintain a healthy lifestyle.


If the client is physically able, the caregiver may take them to the supermarket and ensure there’s an ample supply of healthy food in the refrigerator and pantry. If any errands need to be run, such as picking up prescriptions or taking a client to a doctor’s appointment, caregivers will sometimes transport the client to their destination and back home.

Afternoon Activity

This is time dedicated to personal interaction with the client. It may be a time where you take a walk with them, play games, read together, watch a movie, or just sit together and visit. It’s a part of the day that older adults enjoy and look forward to because they’re interacting with someone for a large piece of their day, as many of them spend their evenings alone.

Wrap Up the Day

Depending on the client, the caregiver might then prepare dinner and assist or take care of cleanup. This is also a good time to remind them to take their medication. Finally, the caregiver may help them toilet or help them take a bath at the end of the day.

A Day of Variety

The day described above is descriptive of a full day with the same client. However, some days a caregiver will travel to see more than one client. For example, they might cook breakfast and do some light housekeeping for one client, drive to another client’s home, prepare lunch and go for a walk with them, then finish the day by taking a client to the store and staying for a short visit.

Every care plan for our clients is custom-designed and is based on an in-home visit and evaluation a member of our staff conducted. You’ll know what needs to be done at each visit, and you’ll have the autonomy to do it. Your day will be well-organized for you to provide as much assistance to your clients as they need.

Get Started With a Career in Caring Today!

If a day in the life of one of  Family Resource Caregiver sounds good to you, Family Resource Home Care presently has a variety of caregiver positions available. Contact us with any questions you have about the caregiver career or getting started down your new path. You’ll be making a difference in people’s lives and experiencing the personal fulfillment that few careers offer.