Every business and organization should have an employee like Reeanna Remington from FRHC’s Spokane/Inland Northwest (INW) region. She is calm, assured, flexible, and skilled at walking into new situations, connecting with others, and just making things work.

“Reeanna is absolutely amazing,” says Kyle Yancey, Quality Care Supervisor for the Spokane/INW region. “She has the skills to work with any client and in the 5½ years she has been with us we have had many calls from clients requesting that Reeanna become their regular caregiver. They are always disappointed when we explain that Reeanna is a full-time Float and does not work as a regularly scheduled caregiver,” he says.

Monday through Friday, Reeanna works as a Float and two nights a week she serves as On-Call staff for Spokane/INW, Boise, Tri-Cities, and much of the Palouse region. Spokane/INW is a large region serving over 300 clients and all of their Floats are typically booked solid. On the rare occasion Reeanna isn’t with a client, she helps answer phones in the office.

Over the years, Reeanna has met many of the region’s clients and office staff depends on her for feedback on their condition and home environment. “Reeanna is the most dependable and detail-oriented caregiver we have in the INW,” Kyle concluded.

As a teenager, Reeanna became familiar with caregiving while assisting her uncle in Nevada who was diagnosed with cancer. She was raised by her grandparents in Seattle and later, after the family moved to Spokane, she became a caregiver to her grandpa. Prior to joining FRHC (then Family Home Care), she worked for five years for Touchmark of Spokane, a continuing care retirement community. Working in the memory care unit at Touchmark, Reeanna gained special training in dementia care and mental health services, as well as completing her Nurse Delegation certification.

Reeanna says she enjoys working as a Float because she likes meeting new people. While she feels “it’s easier to get burned out as a caregiver” when your days are predictable, being a Float also has challenges. “When you have clients you see regularly, they understand that once in a while you might have a bad day. You have a little more grace. But when you work as a Float, the clients don’t know you well – or at all – so you need to have a good day every day.” Reeanna says that clients with dementia are often wary of strangers and easily pick up on emotions. If a caregiver feels stressed or anxious, the client may also become anxious. Staying calm and not stressing can sometimes be challenging for a Float, but is a necessary part of the job.

In addition to keeping busy with her fulltime job, Reeanna is a busy mom to three children, ages 12, 7, and 3. Her family enjoys outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and hunting. But that’s not all she does in her free time. Concerned about the growing problem of homelessness in the community, Reeanna and a friend formed the non-profit organization, The Solution is Hours in 2014. Starting with the goal to provide sack lunches to the homeless, The Solution is Hours has grown considerably and now provides close to 1000 meals a month, distributes hygiene products and clothing, and partners with other non-profits to create opportunity and provide care for all those who need our help.” The organization’s motto is One hour a month to heal society. Their Facebook description goes on to read, There is always time to help someone in need, the solution is hours and what we choose to do with them.

Reeanna Remington is an example of how much one person can accomplish when they have passion and a willingness to give of their time. Just as the homeless of Spokane appreciate Reeanna’s loving help and vision, so too the clients and staff of Family Resource Home Care appreciate Reeanna. We are proud to have her on the Spokane/Inland Northwest team.