This month’s Platinum Caregiver award goes to Morgan Baier from our Palouse region. Regional Manager, Katrina Bottini, says that Morgan “embodies the best qualities a caregiver can have. She is professional, compassionate, kind and dedicated. We consistently receive calls from clients and their families, thanking us for the wonderful care that Morgan provides. She is not only a fantastic caregiver, but she is also a true team player, jumping in to help whenever and wherever she can.”

Morgan joined Family Resource Home Care in August 2018, immediately after graduating from high school. “I’ve always wanted to work in health care,” says Morgan, “so I started working toward my CNA license during high school. I also worked in a nursing home. I’m not in school right now, but I have taken some nursing classes. I’m leaning toward earning a degree in occupational therapy.”

Currently, Morgan works full-time for Family Resource seeing anywhere from 5 to 7 clients each week. “I like the variety of having several clients,” says Morgan. “Since each client is different I have to approach each of them differently and use methods that work for their situation. I’m particularly interested in how dementia impacts each of them in different ways.”

One of the things that makes Morgan special is her creativity and initiative. “One of my clients, Dean, (pictured above with Morgan) has dementia and Parkinson’s,” says Morgan. “I did some research and found a website from a Parkinson’s organization that talked about drawing or coloring while listening to music.”

Morgan’s manager, Katrina, was impressed. “Recently, we challenged our caregiving staff to think outside of the box,” she said. “We call it the “Caring and Human Connection Challenge.” The Challenge asks caregivers to not only think of ways to enhance the quality of life for their clients but to enhance their own lives as well. Morgan took this challenge and raised the bar. She researched how to help patients with Parkinson’s relax, and learned about doing soothing activities to reduce stress and anxiety. Morgan found that drawing or coloring while listening to music helped Dean concentrate on his movements, making it easier for him to draw. Not only did Dean enjoy the activity, but Morgan also learned a valuable technique that she now uses with other clients as well.”

Applying what she learns to different situations is one of the things that makes Morgan special. For example, each week she accompanies one client to physical therapy. One day she observed the therapist use a unique method to help the client move from one sitting position to another. It occurred to Morgan that another of her clients might benefit from using the technique when getting in and out of the car. She showed her client and they found that it made the activity much easier.

Dean’s wife, Phyllis, is very happy to have Morgan working with her husband. “Morgan is such a pleasure,” she wrote. “She’s a hard worker, and always upbeat and positive. We enjoy having Morgan at our home.”

Ashli Snyder, Palouse Home Care Caregiver Manager, says that Morgan “is the ideal employee. She is quick to respond and always willing to help. Morgan was an obvious choice for the Platinum Caregiver award. It’s clear to us in the office how much she cares about her clients.”

Even her colleagues are quick to praise Morgan. Caregiver Lisa Hedley wrote “Morgan is absolutely awesome. I see how well she works with her clients and it inspires me.”

Morgan grew up in Idaho and enjoys outdoor activities, including fishing. She paints and draws and loves music. She is also happy to be working for Family Resource Home Care and appreciates the flexibility and support the agency provides. The feeling is mutual. Thank you, Morgan, for doing a fantastic job. The Palouse staff appreciate everything that you do, your clients adore you and your co-workers admire and respect you.