In the lingering glow of Thanksgiving and need for holiday support, we wish to express our gratitude to everyone who has chosen Family Resource Home Care! We also wish to remind you of the many ways that we can support you and your family during the holiday season.

Holiday support services

  1. We are available to help you continue beloved holiday traditions. Caregivers can assist with decorating, baking, visiting festive light displays, or addressing holiday cards.
  2. Caregivers can provide transportation as well as accompany clients and families on plane flights and trips out of town .
  3. Instead of worrying about daily care, the extra support of a caregiver can help family members in the home (or visitors)relax and simply enjoy the holiday time with loved ones.
  4. Caregivers can engage in holiday traditions or just provide company if you are unable to be with family this year during the holidays. Consider utilizing a caregiver to fill in as a ‘temporary’ child or grandchild.
  5. Caregivers can manage traditional meal preparation, ensuring that holiday favorites are enjoyed.
  6. A trusted caregiver can provide comfort and companionship for clients who are away from family. Loneliness during the holidays may be a serious concern.
  7. Maintaining your caregiver services better supports consistency of routine and care and also helps ensure that your preferred caregiver will continue to be available to you in the months after the holidays.
  8. A caregiver can accompany client shopping  or for other errands ensuring their safety.
  9. Caregivers are trusted companions that become an extension of the family. Their presence during the holiday season can bolster the overall joyous environment, reducing stress for families.

Let us help you make the holidays this year safer, more enjoyable, and more festive with the added support of your caregiving team.

Source: How to support older family members during the holidays