For the right person to become a caregiver can be highly satisfying and fulfilling. Caregivers are in greater demand than ever because of the coming of age of baby boomers and their parents living longer, healthier lives. Could it be the career you’ve been searching for?

This article will help you decide if a career in caregiving would be the right fit for you. It will help you answer two critical questions:

  1. Why would I want to be a caregiver?
  2. Am I a good candidate to become a professional caregiver?

Why Would I Want to Be a Caregiver?

Not everyone is cut out to be a caregiver, but those who absolutely love it. At Family Resource Home Care, we’ve enjoyed watching many caregivers thrive in this profession. We’ve found that successful caregivers came to us with the right traits for entering this profession. You may too, if:

  • You feel most fulfilled working with people and enjoy a job where you interact one-on-one with others.
  • You love taking care of older family members and would like to help others in this way.
  • You enjoy spending time with seniors and feel you can get along well with a variety of elders.
  • You like doing work that has the potential to make a difference in someone’s life.
  • You prefer doing a variety of tasks every day.
  • You don’t ever say, “that’s not my job,” but instead like pitching in to do whatever is needed.
  • You like making someone smile and doing little things to improve a person’s day.
  • You take pride in paying attention to detail.
  • You don’t want a desk job; you like being physical in your job and using your body as well as your brain.
  • You are seeking a career with growth opportunities.
  • You don’t want to invest in many years of formal education, but you are willing to learn new skills and take additional training to do your job well.
  • You feel that when you’re older, you’d want someone like yourself there to help you.

Does this describe you? As you can see, caregiving offers just about everything you’d want in a career. Family Resource Home Care hires and trains individuals looking for:

  • A flexible schedule
  • Rewarding work
  • Steady hours
  • Family culture
  • Training and growth
  • Booming industry
  • Competitive pay
  • Recession-proof career field

Now, onto the second question:

Am I a Good Candidate to Become a Professional Caregiver?

If you exhibit the personal qualities we’ve mentioned and want to be with an organization that offers their caregivers all of the career benefits listed above, you’re an excellent candidate. At this point, you may not be sure you have the right background to become a professional caregiver. However, many of our caregivers came to us without caregiving experience and have flourished in their careers. Some of the reasons they came to Family Resource Home Care were:

They wanted to change industries

They had a strong desire to serve others and make them feel well-cared for.

They wanted a career with purpose

As caregivers, they wanted to make a difference in people’s lives every day, and they were willing to change their lives to make it happen.

They wanted a change within the healthcare industry

Some of our caregivers were already employed in the healthcare field but were no longer fulfilled and wanted to get back to helping people, not doing paperwork.

They wanted a better work-life balance

Many people have entered the caregiving career because they were overworked and over-stressed. Family Resource Home Care allowed them to take control of their schedule and set their own hours.

Learn more here about the benefits and perks of being a member of the caregiving team at Family Resource Home Care. Apply now for one of our openings, or call us at (800) 775-6380 to learn more about our company and the caregiving career. Take the first step today and start making a difference in the lives of people who need help aging with dignity in the comfort and security of their homes.