Growth from within creates higher retention rates and greater employee satisfaction. Gallup’s article pinpoints a concept, stating “… ‘Why is employee engagement important?’ is a vital question for leaders to consider. Because without employee engagement, there’s no team engagement, making it more difficult to improve business outcomes.” Thanks to the exceptional leadership of Dorene Robbins, you’ll feel as if you’ve always been part of the FRHC family. She began as a caregiver, and in April of 2022, became Family Resource Home Care’s Tacoma branch manager. This is due considerably to their unique “all hands on deck” orientation. All office staff works together to interact and get to know each new employee. It certainly takes a team effort and reflects the type of leadership to create that experience.

The caregiver growth journey

In 2009, Dorene began her journey as a caregiver, working effortlessly to help clients stay in their homes. Dorene is a proud mother of four kids. A recent empty-nester, she’s a doting grandmother of two and is very close to all of her children. She feels this is due to the experiences she had as a caregiver. “If I didn’t take the journey, I wouldn’t be where I am or be who I am.” Moving from caregiver to Client Care Supervisor and then to Branch Manager has enabled her to get to know all the moving parts of FRHC’s finely-tuned home care service. She feels having been a caregiver and Client Care Supervisor, she has a better understanding of clients’ needs. Having a solid grasp on what the client’s evolving needs are and addressing them with kindness and efficiency is key. Dorene attributes the ability to embrace everyday challenges to her experiences as a caregiver. She developed a deep sense of empathy in working with seniors. Her heart is with the clients. Her fears of not being able to interact with the clients as often were easily assuaged. She came to realize how often she can still make client visits, do assessments, and encourage other caregivers and members of her team.

Exceptional leadership

Acknowledging the reality of employee burnout in business today is a constant reality check. Dorene strives to make orientation a special experience. The Tacoma office staff makes sure every lunch is interactive. They get to know all the new caregivers simply by taking the time to get to know them one-on-one. It’s important to them that they learn about each one’s diverse backgrounds and skills. As a branch manager, she desires to be a leader who can encourage and motivate her branch’s caregivers so they can help their clients stay safe and independent in their own homes.

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