Growing up in Ethiopia, where it is common for older family members to live with their children and grandchildren, Yodit Gebreyeeyesus was familiar with the idea of caring for elders. When her grandmother became old and needed help she moved in with Yodit’s family and Yodit helped care for her throughout her high school years.

Six years ago, Yodit left Ethiopia and settled in Northern California where she had relatives. While in CA she worked in an Assisted Living Community. In 2015 she moved again; this time to Seattle where her brother and sister lived. She looked for caregiving jobs and accepted positions from both Right at Home and Family Resource Home Care.

When Yodit first started with Family Resource she worked various shifts, both daytime and overnight. During her brief time with Right at Home one of her day clients was someone who could not get along with any caregiver. Yodit, however, was able to win her over. “I learned not to argue with her,” said Yodit. “She liked me because I was patient, fast, and remembered everything she told me. She wanted things done her way. She showed me how to make her breakfast and after that, I always made her breakfast the same way.” The client had finally found someone she respected and liked and when Yodit left Right at Home to work just for Family Resource, this client came along with her.

Today Yodit works weekend overnight shifts. She has one client with whom she spends Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights working 10-hour shifts from 10:00 P.M. to 8:00 A.M. This schedule works well for her as she has two children and wants to have her daytime hours available for them.

Yodit is happy working at Family Resource. “It’s a very good organization,” she says. “I appreciate all of the staff and I just want to say thank-you to everyone.”