Mavis Boateng’s full-time client calls her “Angel” because, says Mavis, “my client always tells her family that I am her angel. She treats me like a daughter and sometimes says to me, ‘I wish I had your skin color.’ I think she just likes black people and she feels like we are family.”

Mavis is originally from Ghana, in West Africa. Her father had previously moved to Seattle, and in 1997 Mavis, her two siblings and her father’s mother joined him. Mavis knew she wanted to become a nurse so immediately started taking college courses to complete her prerequisites.  At the same time, she worked as a secretary at a CNA training school. In 2012 she decided it was time to take a break from school and get a full-time job.

“Growing up in Ghana my mother’s mother lived with us,” said Mavis. “I helped care for her, so when I needed a job, I decided that I wanted to work with seniors. My Auntie worked for Family Resource Home Care and she suggested that I apply for a job as a caregiver. It was a good decision. Family Resource is the best company and everyone there is so nice.”

During the close to five years that she has been a caregiver with FRHC, Mavis has had just four clients. She believes that her success with her clients is due to Family Resource’s effort to make great matches between caregivers and clients.

“I just love my client,” Mavis says of her current charge, a 95-year-old woman. “She is the nicest client I have ever worked with. In the summertime, she likes to go outside and take walks. In the winter, though, we must stay inside. She likes to watch television and when there is music, she asks me to dance for her. I love to dance and she loves to watch me. She will sit in her chair and move her body and arms like she is dancing with me,” Mavis relates.

Mavis plans to return to school to complete her nursing degree, but until then she fills her time working, window shopping, going to church and getting together with friends. She also likes to travel to Pennsylvania to visit her Aunt who moved there from Seattle. “I am very close to my Auntie and of course she is the one who recommended me to Family Resource. I am very grateful to Family Resource, my supervisors AND to my Auntie. I try to see her as much as I can,” Mavis concludes.