Mary Njomoh studied business in Kenya and worked at a bank. The work was good, but she also wanted to do something more meaningful. A friend of hers taught at a school for the disabled and Mary started volunteering there on her days off. Eventually, her friend moved to the United States, settling in Boston. In 2014 Mary joined her in Boston and took a job at the same family home where her friend worked. She earned her CNA there but found the weather unbearable, so after two months in Boston, she moved to Seattle where her uncle lived. She found a job at a family home, passed her exam to be a Home Care Aide and soon after, learned about Family Resource Home Care. She heard that the company was very community and family oriented. She liked what she heard and within a three-day period she applied, was interviewed and hired, and sent out on her first job.

“I just love what I do now,” says Mary. “When I left Kenya I knew I wanted a change. I knew I wanted to find work where I could help others. That’s what I do now, every day.”

This month Mary celebrated her 3-year anniversary with Family Resource. At first, she worked a flexible schedule doing fill-in, live-in shifts with multiple clients 6-days a week. Now she has just one client and works 5 days a week as a live-in. “I’ve only been with my client for 6-months,” she says, “but that’s longer than any other caregiver has worked for her. We have a very good relationship. I learned quickly what she likes and what she does not like. She likes her home to be clean and organized and she does not like her things moved. She is very particular.” Mary understands that her client needs to feel in control and does not want to feel pressured. She wants to be the boss over her own life. By taking the time to ask questions and really get to know her, Mary was able to earn her client’s trust and outlast all previous caregivers.

“My client is 87-years old and on hospice, but her mind is still sharp. She forgets nothing!” Mary laughs. “She reads the newspaper every morning and then we watch The Price is Right together. She is dressed and in the living room by 12 noon. If the weather is nice we will take a walk outside and I help her using a safety belt. Later we may watch the news or Judge Judy on TV. She also likes to talk about her past. She has lived in Korea, Australia, and Germany and has taught me to say some words in German. She once worked in health care and is very knowledgeable. She even manages all her own medication!” marvels Mary.

On her day off Mary enjoys hiking and going fishing with her uncle. But she truly loves to work and will often take a fill-in job if her supervisors need her. “I love all the supervisors, especially LaShawnda, Trish and Tera. Also, the ladies in the Seattle office are just wonderful,” says Mary, mentioning Mary and Susan as being on the top of her list. “The office is very professional. I feel that they listen to me and respect me. I really enjoy working for them,” she concludes.