Esther McMillon came to Family Resource Home Care in 2012 already an experienced caregiver. Her first experience was with her grandmother in Kenya who she cared for each day after school. After graduating high school, Esther did clerical work for the Ministry of Finance but office work was not for her. When she immigrated to the United States in 2007, she settled in Seattle where she had friends. She needed to find work quickly and was told about a caregiving job in an Adult Family Home. That sounded good to her. She took the job and did live-in care for several clients until 2012 when the Home closed some of its offices. She heard about Family Resource Home Care from a friend and has been with us for over five years.

“Family Resource supervisors are the best,” says Esther. “They listen to you, are very responsive, and do everything they can to help. They make sure we stay updated with our licenses and take the continuing education classes we need. The whole staff is good. I like to tell people about Family Resource and I’ve recommended many caregivers. I always say Family Resource is the best.”

Esther enjoys doing live-in care. Her first clients were a couple, and just before the husband passed away, he told Esther he wanted her to stay on and care for his wife. Esther stayed and provided live-in care six days a week for 1½ years until this client too passed away.

“The hardest part of caregiving is losing a client,” says Esther. “You become connected, so it is hard when they pass away. After one of my clients dies I like to take some time off of work. My supervisor, LaShawnda, is very understanding and calls to see how I am doing.”

Currently, Esther works with one couple with whom she lives two days a week, as well as a single lady with whom she also lives two days a week. “It is important for our clients to stay as independent as possible, so I always let them do what they can for themselves, even if it’s just choosing between two outfits,” says Esther.

Esther believes that caregiving is the right job for her. “I enjoy helping others, I like older adults and feel that I get along well with elders. I like the one-on-one interaction and knowing that every day there is the potential to make a difference in another person’s life. A good caregiver is efficient, patient and has compassion for their client. Above all, they must love the work. This is what I love to do,” concludes Esther.