With a few more weeks of warm weather left, we need to remember the importance of hydration. Seniors are especially vulnerable to dehydration because our bodies are less able to retain water as we age. It’s crucial to know the signs of dehydration. Below are some signs of dehydration to look out for, as well as ways to stay cool and foods that can even help keep us hydrated.

It’s important to note that thirst is not a good sign of dehydration, since someone who’s thirsty may already be dehydrated.

5 signs of dehydration:
  1. Headache
  2. Irritability
  3. Sleepiness
  4. Rapid breathing or heartbeat
  5. Cold hands and feet
5 ways to stay cool:
  1. Drink lots of water
  2. Take a cold bath or shower
  3. Stick to shady areas
  4. Avoid the sun between 11am-4pm
  5. Use ice or a cool towel to cool down pressure point zones, like: ankles, neck, temples, wrists, behind the knees

In the spirit of summer, here are 5 foods that can help keep you hydrated. This Healthline article features a helpful list of hydrating foods along with their nutrient content.

5 hydrating Foods and their water content:
  1. Watermelon – 92%
  2. Cucumber – 95%
  3. Lettuce – 96%
  4. Peaches 89%
  5. Oranges – 88%

Remember, while there are plenty of foods and drinks that can be hydrating, nothing is a substitute for water. Be sure to keep cool, drink lots of water, and enjoy the final days of summer safely.


photo courtesy: Shutterstock